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Egr fire risk?

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We had a jeep ecodiesel catch fire due to failed egr cooler.

I've also heard the duramax lbz is known to have some egr valve issues, such as it getting clogged by soot buildup or the valve failing, but I havnt heard much about fire issues on these engines.

Does anyone know if its safe to ignore the engine code for awhile for an egr on the duramax?  I'm not sure of the differences in egr systems between a 2014 chrysler ecodiesel and a 06 duramax.  The issue on the ecodiesel was that the egr cooler cracked and leaked coolant, causing carbon buildup that was prone to fire when the exaust got too hot.   not sure if this leaking cooler issue creates a bigger fire risk then the egr valve failure they talk about on the duramax?


Just interested in hearing people's thoughts or experiences, if I have the code should I get it fixed asap or the truck will catch fire or is it ok to let it go for a little while?



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