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2006 Silverado 4.3

Donald Harvey


Truck has been skipping today it got worse and won't start back. Been skipping it seemed to get worse on idle it tried to die while going down by pass today it almost seemed to die but after mashing gas it get going again did this for almost 5 miles and when I started to slow down for the stop sign it died and will spin over but no crank. Replaced icm wasn't that . Maybe crank sensor?


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Let me make sure I understand you correctly here - Was misfiring, almost dying at idle, and now is a no-start?


The definition of a "no-crank" means the starter will NOT spin the engine. "Cranking" is the act of starting the engine - it's a carry over term from when we actually HAD to physically crank an engine over by hand to get it running. What you have is a, "CRANK, NO-START" right now. Just some FYI for future reference, to be sure everyone is on the same page.


From where I'm sitting,  it sounds like your fuel pump might have kicked the bucket. You'll have to get a fuel pressure gauge hooked up and turn the key on. '06 4.3 should be around 55 psi.  Start there.

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