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Just joined , Hello everyone 🇺🇸

probably starting off in the wrong area but will give it a shot!

I have a 2021 Trail Boss 6.2 Custom factory 2” lift love it !

my question is it comes with 265/60 R 20 Goodyear Territory Mt

what is the biggest tire I can put on without issues with the factory 20” rims?

Thank You

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There are LOTS of threads on this subject. Some people have had luck with many brands and sizes using either the factory wheels or aftermarket. Some people have to trim or remove mud guards etc etc to get what tires they want to fit.


That said, with my experience, using the factory 20” wheels you can fit LT275/60/R20 or LT285/55/R20 on ANY factory 19-21 T1 truck with no issues or modifications necessary.


It may be possible to go with a bigger size but your application depending on the brand and model you choose will vary.

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13 minutes ago, CXXX said:

Then you will need to recalibrate your speedometer, I went from 265 to to 275 and was off by 4 mph.

At 300 mph you’d actually be going 304.36 mph. The tire diameter difference between 265/60 and 275/60 is only 0.2” to 0.3”. 

For 285/55 at 300 mph you’d actually be going 298.37 mph so slightly under speed.


Speed differences under 100 mph will be nearly insignificant to notice.

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