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2019 Silverado RST headlights

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I purchased my 2019 Silverado RST new in February 2020.  I have had the truck into the dealership four times to have headlights adjusted with no correction noted. The truck had LED headlights.  Low and high beams have very poor length and width of light. At a stop sign on country rode low beams just shine across a two lane road.  I contacted Chevy and told me to take truck to another dealer for an evaluation.  A friend of mine has a 2020 RST and indicates his lights are also bad and has to drive with high beams on all the time.  Has anyone else with this model truck experienced this same problem and more importantly, have any success having problem corrected?  I hate having a truck I believe is not safe to operate after sundown.  I have been driving with high beams on and haven’t been “flashed” once.  A friend of mine also has a 2019 RST crew cab and his lights operate just fine.  I guess I drew the short straw on this one!  Hopefully I can find another Chevy dealership willing to take truck for ride in the dark.  OK, rant over. 

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We have a new RST and first time drove in the dark on our mountain road full of deer. HORRIBLE headlights, even with high beams we can't see very far ahead.  Now searching for options to improve. Suggestions anyone??

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