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Defective Paint - 2018 Suburban

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I have read all of the posts concerning the paint/clear coat issues on hood and roof of a lot of 2015 to 2018 GM SUVs. I own a 2018 suburban I purchased new in color Tungsten Metallic and I ended up having the same issue. My manufacture warranty expired The beginning of this last January and I noticed the paint fading on hood in April. I went to my local dealer and tried to make my case that this was unacceptable on a car that is a little over 3 yrs old with only 26K miles! The advisor said that it was out of warranty and that they could not do anything. We’ll, to make the rest of the story  short, I reached out to GM customer service and ended up getting a claim # with GM customer engagement team of California after I took my suburban to the dealer I bought it it at and they did an assessment for repairs. 
the estimate for the hood and the whole roof to be repainted was little over $2800. GM agreed to cover 50% of the cost. I guess that is better than nothing since I was ready to bite the bullet for the full cost to repair it. Anyway, the dealer manager was able to work out something and I ended up paying total $550 out of pocket. 
my suburban looks fantastic now after the new repainting. Also, I now have a lifetime warranty if anything happens on the hood and roof. 😎

Final words, anybody out there with this issue, don’t give up and contact GM customer support and ask about a cost assistance for a repair that is obviously a manufacturer defect. I told them that this issue is widespread and I gave the dealer and GM customer support the link to this blog of all the people with the same issue so they know this is not an isolated problem. 

good luck! 🍀 

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