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PureZ71's 2021 Silverado LT Trail Boss Build


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Went out to an offroad event held by Avants at DirtFish's course. Here is a few photos. Overall, the truck felt great. I was taking it a little slower compared to the other trucks but was getting more comfortable towards the end of the session.








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My Lifter Failure story. (2021 LT 6.2L, 13.5k miles; built late 2020) Last weekend I started the truck and heard some loud knocking noise from the engine. No CEL or warnings in the cluster. Called the dealer and they wanted it towed in. Got it towed Monday morning. By that evening I got a call saying piston #5 had a bent push rod due to failed lifters and they’ll start repair work asap. By Wednesday evening the repair was done. Huge thanks to @artgamblinmotors for such a fast turn around time. Note: truck is completely stock engine wise. Glad to have my truck back



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21 hours ago, shakenfake said:

That's cool to be on the cover of the mag. I would print that out and hang in garage

Thank you, yeah it really was. I didn't even know I was on the cover until someone messaged me telling me to check my mail box. I have a printed magazine copy on my desk, just need to get a frame to put it up in the garage.

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Lastly from this set of new mods was upgrading the tonneau cover. I had a gator tri fold but it got annoying having to remove the 1/3 folded piece when I need the whole truck bed. Switched up to a RetraxPRO XR Tonneau Cover. Now the cover just rollers into a box that is mounted into the truck bed. It also locks from the top and can be opened without lowering the tailgate. There is also the ability to add rails across which I might do but we'll see.






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