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Body Control Module issues

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Hello all, wondering if i could get some assistance with an issue on the above item. i lost all operation of signal lights and hazard lights recently. i realize they are controlled by bcm. i drove the truck (2010 Colorado 5-cylinder crew cab 4wd) to a shop to investigate and they said the bcm failed. they located a used one and said they had to have it flashed to replace existing one. once the completed that task i picked up vehicle, noticed the following issues on the cluster. 


  • odometer reading went from 118,000 km to 195,000 kms
  • oem radio locked ( was working fully prior (am/fm, cd, sirius) 
  • change oil on display
  • airbag light on cluster
  • check engine light on cluster


this made me think they didn't program the used bcm properly. i notfied them at shop before driving away so they kept it, resolved cluster warnings, change oil and had radio "unlocked" by gm dealer. the Sirius xm however remains locked. 

i have spoken with 2 gm dealers here and not getting much help on radio locked issue, gm support directs me to Sirius which is a laugh. no help there. 

i have the original bcm i acquired from the shop. p/n 15886074. i have looked to understand and see if options are available online. i know only used parts are available at this point. there are companies that offer reprogrammed bcm's all they need is my vin # and mileage. but no there is no way to turn back odometer so i have to show receipt of bcm change out as it shows inbound kms at shop. is a reprogrammed  bcm of any use now? is there a way to get old odometer value back? any way to get Sirius xm unlocked? would buying new unlocked radio even work? is the vin # on the bcm the donor vehicle's mileage or did they install bcm without flashing with my vin#?  Furthermore, I had to have TPM on all 4 wheels reprogrammed as the cluster notified me of fault there too, but tire pressure was fine and voltage on sensors was okay.  This fault came along 100km after bcm change.


So, all in all was a complete mess, i don't really understand how these systems work, I'm not a mechanic. maybe i should have been lol. I appreciate any help on a resolution for any / all of the remaining issues (mileage and unlock Sirius xm part of radio). thanks. 

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Going backwards on the odometer for sure would be considered odometer tampering.  


To me, it sounds like they just plugged in the used one and did no programming.  That would explain your issues you are getting.  There are a bunch of setup procedures when changing the BCM to activate functions/set functions.  


If so, their paperwork would likely show the outbound mileage on the RO and if Canada uses Carfax or a program like it, the service history may document on there and therefore would tie back to my first sentence, reverting back to the original BCM or altering the mileage is tampering.



Current # for a new BCM is 20987862.  They are on national backorder with GM until April.  If you choose to go the new route, you will need your full VIN and the dealer can order one and put a SPAC case on it to ensure you get one.  

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hi Newdude, thanks for commenting. i'll be following up with gm dealer to see if they can figure out whats going on with the xm radio being locked out. thanks for the status on the new BCM from GM in April, i may very well look at that and have it programmed properly. however, turning back odometer isn't an option from what i read. perhaps im wrong. they might know. or possibly a new cluster which would pull the 118km from the newly programmed bcm. I'm guessing at the point.  thanks for your help. 

anyone else reading this post with any further suggestions or explanations. would be much appreciated. 

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