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1994 GMC Sierra 6 cylinder

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I have a 1994 GMC Sierra 1500that has me stumped. When I first start it acts like it is just cold natured like hard to keep running. As I drive it takes forever to get up to speed up (sounds like running on 3 cylinders) and transmission reves high and shifting goes nuts but I can turn it off for a few seconds and it will start running better for a few. When I have to stop at a light everything goes downhill again. Engine light comes on and sputtering starts again. I have changed many parts with no success.

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Welcome to the forum! What codes (with definitions) does it have? If you don't have a code reader take it to a parts store and have them check it. My guess would be a bad injector. If you have a timing light hook it to the coil wire and watch the spray in the throttle body

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I'mJust letting people know that I finally figured out the problem with my 1994 GMC Sierra 1500 . I could not find the problem until I decided to check the fuel pump. I took it out and the rubber hose between the inlet tube and fuel pump had a slit in it. Not dry rotted at all just had a slice in it. Located in the tank. Hope this might help someone later.

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