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Hey guys - Just dropped off a deposit for a new White Z71 Avalanche with pretty much all of the bells and whistles. I will be happy to describe anything about the buying or driving experiences to anyone who wants to Email me - I ought to be in it by Monday (7/23) at the latest.

Happy Jappy Joy Joy! :biggrin::):biggrin:

(Edited by CathDoc at 9:17 pm on July 16, 2001)

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Congrats!!  Hopefully soon I'll be able to make a similar post...  I just saw a white one for the first time over the weekend and it looked sharp.

I may go test drive one soon, but just in case -- how is the midgate set up -- does the window mount to the top of the gate, to the cover or to an independent splice piece?


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Quote: from bowtiefan on 10:18 pm on July 17, 2001

No any ford they made is ugliest truck made.


What do you think I am trading in? :)

Thanks for the support, guys. As for the midgate question, from what I remember of the demo I got on the test drive (A different truck, not mine) the window attatched to the frame of the cab around the top three edges and the midgate at the bottom. Storage of glass when out is attaching it to the front of the midgate, it is protected in case you drop the gate too fast by rubber stoppers. I will post some pice when I get the truck if you guys would like.

Be well,


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