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Replaced uppers now need lowers...

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You need a press to do the lowers....or else a couple of big sockets to use to knock them out without damaging the control arm or the new ball joint.  Removal of the control arm itself is about the same as the upper in terms of difficulty level.  Just knock the ball joint loose from the spindle, compress the spring or support the lower arm, remove the ball joint nut, slowly let the spring expand, and you're loose.  Then unbolt the back of the lower control arm from the frame and you're ready for removal/installation of the ball joint.

I recomend checking the condition of your bushings while you're at it, or you may be taking all this apart again before too long.


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Well, since you have a 4x4, the procedure Jeff posted won't work.  Your lower ball joints will be rivited into the lower control arm, and you will either have to drill the rivets out, or heat them up and use a punch to get them out.  The lower control arm will also be a bear to remove.  Odds are that the torsion bar will be rusted into the rear crossmember, so you will need a special tool to remove them.  I didn't have this tool when I did my front end, so I could get the lower control arm off to replace the bushings.  You can still replace the ball joint with the assembly attached to the truck, its just a pain in the ass.  I was mad because I had some polyurethane bushings that I could use, and will have to tear into the front end again to put them in.

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