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How many miles is "too used"?

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I'm just starting to look for my first truck, to tow my first travel trailer, so I don't know a lot yet. But I do know I probably can't make the $$$ work for a new truck, so I'm looking online for "good used".


About how many miles would generally be considered "average" for a 2002, 2003, or 2004? I've been using 15,000 a year as a rule of thumb. Am I close?


How would your answer depend on if I said I was looking at diesels, instead of gassers? I.e., could a well-cared-for diesel have more than an average of 15,000 a year and still be "good used"?



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figure the national average is between 12K - 15K a year, and go from there



averages per by year

05 - 0-15000

04 - 15000-30000

03 - 30000-45000

02 - 45000-60000

01 - 60000-75000

00 - 75000-100000


and since we are still in the middle of the 05 model year I would assume the max average to be about 1/2 of what I posted. Anything more than the max is considered high mileage.

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