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Finally got some pics of my truck


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This truck has been a work in progress since December. Many of the ideas came from this forum so thanks.


I never did post pictures of the finished product (well...actually it's not finished because I still haven't received the f'n door handles I ordered 3 months ago from streetinspiredkustoms.com)



So far I have:

debadged it

removed factory moulding (hideous) and replaced with GMC moulding

tinted windows

tool box/rails

green keys and torsion crank

OEM Chrome H2 rims w/ 315 BFG A/T's

Bilstein shocks (helped the ride tremendously after the torsion crank)

chrome mirror caps

pcm4less tune (awesome)


On order:

Putco Shadow billet grille

Colormatched door handles



Magnaflow Cat Back SS exaust #15789


Anywho...gimme some feedback, and maybe some suggestions on what to do next. The truck is pretty unique in my neck of the woods, but doesn't really stand out in the crowd of awesome rides here.















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How did you remove the molding? Was that a do it yourself job or something you had done? That looks really good.






So far I've done everything myself...except the rims and tires of course. All the trimming, torsion key replacement, debadging, demoulding, etc I did in my garage. :cheers:



I just got the moulding started and pulled it right off. Left some hella adhesive on the side of the truck which I got off with a hairdryer and some goo-gone. It was tedious and wore some blisters on my fingers but it came off. :crackup:


Thanks for all the compliments.

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Very nice truck, looks great! :chevy:

The chrome mirrors and GMC molding looks SO MUCH BETTER...... :D






Dropped her off at the body shop today....getting the bumper cap, tailgate handle and bowtie painted Silverbirch. My grille should be here Friday, and I'm waiting to get my money back from streetinspiredkustoms.com so I can order some esky handles.


The painter didn't seem too comfy painting all that plastic. I hope it turns out decent :(

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Got my truck back today. Had the bumper cap painted, the bowtie painted, and tailgate bezel/handle painted.


When I got her home I put in the Shadow grille and took off the 4x4 stickers.


Finally ordered some escalade handles....hopefully they'll be here next weekend.


If I can get my exhaust and vara ram induction, I'll be all set.






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