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Anyone here used Z Industries in CA? Im in CA, and I spoke with him recently. Sounds like he does all the same tricks that Westers, PCMs, etc use. One big bonus for us CA guys, he claims to be CA smog legal with an exemption #.


I was highly considering Westers, but Im now really considering Z. I had a Z chip in my '93 and it worked great.


He also said he is coming out with a handheld unit soon that will hold 3 programs, stock, dual tune, & tow tune. In addition, it will be able to read fault codes.


One added bonus is that he is local so I can get both speedometers changed for tire size. One changes the dash speedo only. The other internal one works with ABS and Cruise from what Ive heard. Apparently the only way to correct both is IN PERSON where you can hook up to their computer. If you arent there, you only get the dash speedo correction.


Anyone have experience with Z? Im looking for info to chew on.

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