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Help dealing with the dealership



Need help with a TSB that has been discussed in other topics. I have what I consider to be the same symptoms as what is described in TSB #01-04-17-004. An updated issue of the TSB lists a multitude of vehicles this pertains to. I think I have the same part number parts as the applicable vehicles but since my '02 2500HD silverado is not 4WD, AWD, or 1 pc driveshaft it is excluded.


If I have the same part numbers as the affected vehicles and the same symptoms, shouldn't this be covered? :flag:

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YES, if they don't allow it keep asking for the next man in charge in a polite way.





That is reassuring. I have been able to bring this up to the Used Car Dept. Mgr.. His response was to tactfully get both my side and the svc. mgr.'s side and take a test drive. Of course it wasn't doing "the bump" then. Something is fishy though. The last time I took the truck in to the dealership svc. center it stopped doing it. Then after making a haul (2400 lbs) and my wife driving it to Houston, the "bump" has come back. The Used car mgr. says to bring the truck back when it is "bumping", and he will drive it again. He also says we will get a power train mech involved. Hope this ends well. Patience running thin.

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