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Do I really need all these?

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Okay so I went deck shopping today and everywhere I went said I would need about $500 worth of parts alone to put a deck in my car.


They said I would require the following:


a) Data retention harness

b) Onstar Module

c) Bose Module

d) Steering wheel control module


Now I want to keep my steering wheel controls and my OnStar so I understand b and d, but what is a and c? Are they necessary?




This is going into an 04 Bravada with BOSE system.

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Bose speakers are only designed to run on a Bose head unit. (Just one more reason that I hate Bose products, but that's not going to help you and is a topic for a thread in and of itself. :withstupid: ) So you will need some sort of interface in order for the speakers to accept a different signal. If you're replacing the speakers as well, you probably don't need this as you would be removing all the Bose stuff anyway.


The "Data Retention Module" should be what ensures that that little black box under the drivers seat retains speed, airbag, and braking events in the seconds leading up to a crash. It runs through the stereo/OnStar setup. I don't know much about that system, hopefully somebody else may have more information on it for you. I don't know how crucial it is to the operation of the stereo, or how removing it would hinder the OnStar...All of it is linked together in some way....I think it's witchcraft.


As an aside, I believe that certain head units come already compatible with the steering wheel controls, but I'm probably just making that up in my head for no reason.


Check out JP Customs (site sponsor) link on the left side of the screen here. He sells the components you should need (OnStar and steering wheel control interfaces). You might have to email him about the Bose interface, I didn't see it on the site. Never know, it might save you a buck or two.

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Guest 007FL

I believe the Data Retention Module may be another (very fancy) name for a convertor box that is necessary. Mine was about $70. The new system has no "ignition on" power lead, only a constant power. This unit will provide a lead for your new head unit for ignition on. It also provdes a door/warning chime since that is currently being provided through the Bose system head unit.


You need it.

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