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Engine wants to die out

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Hi everyone,


I have a 2000 GMC Savana 2500 cargo van w/ 5.0L and a 4L60E Trans. It has 200K on it and some recent work was a new intake manifold.


The latest problem with it now is whenever I go through a bumpy road or some dips in the road at a moderate speed (25-35 MPH); the engine doesn't want to accelerate. For example after I go through the bumps and I try to accelerate it, doesn't do anything, but the engine doesn't shut off either it only makes a knocking sound when I step on the gas, it stays in the idle speed and as soon as you try to step on the gas it sounds like it wants to shut off and makes a kind of knocking sound. The van needs to be shut down for 5 seconds and restarted and then it will run fine. It has happened a couple of times and it starts right back up everytime. What could be causing this? EGR, maybe? Any info or suggestions would be appreciated.





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