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Spark plug wires

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Wanting to get some new plug wires today but a little confused on what to get.

What are a good brand/set?

I looked up AC Delco and gave me 2 options for my truck depending on what coils I have:

-One is second design Delphi coil and the other is first design Melco coil?


This is my first truck(or car) without a distributor :D


And these are the part #'s from Ac delcos site:



Second Design DELPHI COIL)(7MM DIA)(9.2" LG USED W/COIL STMP 19005218)(FOR 1ST DES SEE 88894394



First Design MELCO COIL)(7MM DIA)(10.5" LG USED W/COIL STMP 12558693)(FOR 2ND DES SEE 88894393



Any help appreciated.



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The Taylors are a nice improvement over the stockers. Inexpensive and a quality, low resistance, well shielded wire. We sell them at work. I dont have anything here to look at part numbers. I saw some on eBay last night. 24.99 for a set. I saw red and black on there.

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