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Hey all,


Back in Nov I got an Aluminum topper for my truck off of ebay for $50. The only problem was is that it's white. and my truck is pewter. Anyways since it's getting nice outside, I would like to paint this a glossy black.


I'm thinking of using the rustolem paint for this, and was thinking how to go about applying this to the topper. I was going to buy a paint gun for my compressor, but it's only 20g tank, and it seems you need at least a 30+ for painting. Then I thought of something that i had bought a few months back. Would a wagner power sprayer work for this ? It's a 2 speed 2200 gun they have, it's a step below the prof model they have out. I used this for the inside of the house and it was awsome. I have 4 different types of spray nozzles. The rustolem paint is an oil-based paint.


Thanks for any help.

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