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2004 Tahoe LT Autoride. 6 disc Bose system.

Seen Pic of Bose amp, looks like mine.

Want to put Nav HU in my Tahoe?






Tahoes have the non-lux amp Bose System. You will need find a Nav unit that is out of another GM non-lux system or you will have to changer you amp. there is some wiring changes you can make at the amp. I have not done that yet myself but plane on upgrading to the lux system soon. There are alot of different part numbers that will work for you. You can get either the non-touch or touch screen navigation unit to work in your truck. It should be a plug and play but you will have to install the GPS external ant in the front of the dash for the nav to work. You can read a lot on this web site for more information and also I got a lot information on the Avalanche board also.









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