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2005 Denali CD Changer Shuffles on Startup

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At every single startup, my CD changer will reshuffle. Even if there are no discs inside, it will run through all six positions. Although it returns to the correct spot where it was when I turned the engine off previously -- my 2004 Denali did not do this. It seems to just be extra wear and tear on the changer mechanism and serves no purpose other than to make noise. Any thoughts?


Should I be able to ask the dealer to replace the CDX? Thanks.

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many changers do this on startup initially to detect loaded positions. Doesn't sound normal for our changers though.


I am not sure about the wiring to these, it makes me wonder if the cdx normally has a power charged memory. If that power is removed, then the changer would reboot every ignition cycle.


Mine doesn't do what you describe, it is a class II data bus changer for 03 and on. Earlier models may behave as you describe, just speculating.


I doubt a dealer visit will remedy the issue as they always double talk stuff they don't understand

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