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couple of questions about performance tunes

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hey all..i have read alot about westerns, nelsons and the hand held tunes...

from what i have mostly read, they all deal with the 5.3/6.0/8.0 engines. i would assume that the 4.8 (what i have) would be included as well.

i dont have any mods to my truck (03 Sierra 4x4 extend cab) but may in the future do a cat back or muffler and an intake (K&N) upgrade.

I usually only put in 87 octane and will i do my oil change, will go to 89 with a fuel injector cleaner.

i like the way the tranny shifts, is nice a smooth, if i want a harder shift, i engage the tow/haul mode.

so i guess what im asking is that since this is my daily driver, would it be reasonable to get a custom tune? what does it do to mileage? i still havent hit the big 20 mpg yet out on the freeway. if i could free up some torque and horses, that would be awesome! i have heard only good things about the tunes and am considering it for an early b day present to myself.

what kind of power numbers can be expected with the 4.8L?

thanks all and have a great sunday. :cheers:


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