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Hey guys i have this 04 seirra and decided to put a lift on this truck but i know litterly nothing about lift kits i used to have and s10 and lowered it. so anyway the shop near by me wants to use a trailmaster kit 6" to be exact and they said 2779.00 installed parts and labor the same kit with mickey thompson classic 2s 4495.00 what ones or wich brand would you all use thanks for the advice

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i have a 2001 Z-71 with a trailmaster 4" lift. the ride is incredible and it

gives the truck a very beefy mean look to it. if i were to do it again, i

think i would go ahead and have them do the full 6" lift. i have 33's on

my truck now with the 4", but i think i could fit 35's. i was told no, but

there is alot of room still there. once you start driving a lifted truck, it

is very weird to ride in a stock height truck. 2001 Z-71 if i can help with

any ? just let me know. :fume::cheers::crazy::D:crackup:

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