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Factory sound is HORRIBLE

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I have a 2002 GMC, and it's got the non-bose cd with the console cassette.


I've heard better sound quality from a coffee can and string... Why can't GM make a better sound system for their trucks?!? The monsoon stereo in my girlfriend's pontiac vibe is GREAT, and her car financed was less than I paid on sticker price... Ok, my rant is over. On to the question.


Here's my question. I'm wanting to upgrade the speakers, but, will this make a noticible differance with the stock HU? I eventually will replace the HUl, but, waiting for the prices of MP3 HU's to come down a little more.

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If you replace the stock speakers, you will get a much cleaner sound...But you'll lose what little bass the truck came with.


Stock speakers are meant to respond across most of the spectrum of sound audible to the human ear, while aftermarket speakers are designed more with specific frequency response ranges. So when you put aftermarket mids and tweets in your truck...That's what you're going to get, mids and highs. It will sound better...But you would need to add a sub for real improvement, even if it's just a small one behind the seat.


**Click here** for what I put in mine a couple of years ago. It's a bit overkill, but it sure sounds great.

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Man, are you right about the factory sound....terrible...I was so dissappointed when I got my Tahoe!

I had a 2003 Envoy before and it had a great sound system and it wasn't even Bose.

The best improvement I got was replacing the tweeters. With Kenwood tweeters, you got some clean high notes and its a great improvement, especially when they are on Ebay for 25 bucks.


After that I called soundoffaudio.com and bought one of those nifty subwoofer boxes to go under the back seat. Theres a guy there named Matt and he knew what I needed.


Now I have decent sound, its not as good as the Envoy, but its pretty darn good.


I cannot believe that GM put such a lousy system in a 40 grand vehicle!....


If you would like to see pictures let me know!

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