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2002 yukon dash noise



2002 yukon xl 4x2 makes noise like the speedo cable is going out. It makes the noise while stopped for a few moments. I tried a/c on-off, each gear on the trans, tow on, tow off. Nothing seems to be related except movement. It is like a chirping noise. What in the world is it? please help I am almost to the point of using my chainsaw to find it. I have to go take my prozac pill now. I got problems.... any help would be nice.

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how 'bout popping it into neutral and shutting the key off while coasting down from a speed where the noise occurs.    That would eliminate a lot more stuff.




Done that too and it does not change when I rev the engine in neutral or shut it off while coasting. However, once stopped the chirping stops. I also notice that gurgling sound like others have described while the engine is running in gear, neutral, stopped and moving. The noises do not change with speed. The gurguling is continuous and the chirping is movement related. It almost seems to me like vacuum operated devices under the dash.

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I had a noise in my '95 Nissan truck that was driving me insane!. It happened after about 6 years of truck ownership and it would come in around 45 MPH and got worse with higher speed. It sounded like buzzing of a giant angry bumblebee inside the cabin. After exhaustive search I finally saw that the plastic film on the upper windshield moulding was partially peeling off and fluttering in the wind, causing this incredible annoying buzz. And I would have sworn that it was coming from inside the cab!. Replacing a $ 26 dollar moulding took care of it for good. Just another example of annoying noise. Hopefully you find the source of yours. Just patiently look for it.

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