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Error Code C0265 in 2000 Safari



The ABS and Brake warning light came on in my wifes 2000 GMC safari with around 80k on it. We took it to the dealer to have it fixed. They called back a little while ago with an estimate that made me choke. They said that the error message is 0265 and they have to replace the ABS module. Total cost is around $1000.


I called Just Brakes to get a price for comparison and was told that the error code 0265 refers to GMC technical bulletin 04-05-25-002A. Just brakes said they see the problem frequently with GM vehicles and it is a quick fix and will be about $50


I called the service manager at the dealer back and told him what Just Brakes said and he insisted that they were wrong and the service bulletin in question does not refer to our van and that the ABS Module needed to be replaced.


We have bought several cars from this dealer including the '04 Sierra that I drive, I've been using there service dept. for the van even though I'm not under warrenty because I trust them.


But are they ripping me off this time?

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