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Abs Light came on

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So here is what happened, I went to get in the truck started it and it showed no light, then when I drove up the street at about 5km/h it came on. I was suprised of course, so I stopped and let the truck idle a second, then shut it off. Again it restarted with no light, but once I started rolling it came on again. I can start it and no light comes on till I start moving. I have had my speed sensors cleaned before and can problay rule that one out as it never set a code ( I do live in the salt belt thoug) anyways if someone has any thoughts I would appreciate it.


My truck


2000 gmc Sierra ext cab 4x4 5.3 l it has 120,000 km and is bone stock.


Any help appreciated ( even some guess's on what it might be would be great)

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