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manual glow plug button




i have a chevy scottsdale 6.2 liter diesel v8 4x4 pickup, 1983. I bought it about a month ago, and have had numerous problems starting ever since. i put in new batteries, and replaced the starter. my first question is about manual glowplug buttons. i put one in by connecting the C and D wires coming off the relay on one side of the button, and on the other side of the button put a wire directly into an empty 20 amp fuse area in the fuse box. when i push the button the glow plug light lights up, but i still can't get started, put in a whole new set of autolite 1110 glow plugs, then i read that the ones to use are the 60G....could i have burnt these new glow plugs out already with the button, or did i miss wire the button? once i get it started it runs great, so it's not the fuel pumps... one other question, i noticed today, when standing in front of the hood, facing the engine on the right side, there appears to be 5 green wires with electrical connectors that look like they go to the tops of the glowplugs instead of 4 , but only 4 on the left side. does anyone know where this additional connector would attach? thank you for any advice you all might have.

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I also have a 82 6.2 with the 60g glow plugs and a manual switch and wouldn't go back to that controller even if someone gave me a free one... No trouble at all with the switch and 60g's. Too bad if you burned out your other glow plugs; be careful when you pull them out because when they pop they swell on the end and sometimes break the tip off.


and you know how many places that chunk of iron can go there; mashed to the piston,halfway out the exhaust valve, ect... :sigh:


:driving: good luck and inspect your old plugs very well when they come out.

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