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New/Custom Headlights

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I have a black 2005 GMC SIERRA. So far I have installed a billet grille(on the bumper too), and I have painted the front grille piece (that surrounds the grille and goes between the headlights and turn signals) black. I think my front end looks pretty good. But the more I have looked at it, it just seems that the headlights and turning signal would look better without the orange in them. So now I am considering swapping the factory headlights/turn signals for either a clear version, or some type of projector headlight with a black/clear style. I have heard of angel eyes head lights, but have not really seen them anywhere. I think something with a blacked out/clear look would look awesome on my truck. The headlights I have seen on ebay seem to be cheaply made and I'm not sure how they would look in person.


Just wondering if anyone knew of a good place to buy QUALITY headlights, or would know where to get some headlights/turning signals that would look good on a black truck.... with a painted black grille piece.


Thanks for the help

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