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Anothah Mainah joins the crew w/ some questions...


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Hi all. I'm a Mainah on hiatus currently living in CT. Been her for 11 years, but I'll go back soon...


Some quick truck questions:


I'm about to buy a 2003 Chevy 1500 Silverado 4x4 with the 5.2 Vortec. It only has 19K miles but the real tires are bald and the engine has a hiccup. Book is still $22K, but I'm getting it for $15K. Is it worth it? What should I ook for with wear? Are there any consistant problems with the 03? What should be my expected MPG for the 6' foot bed on the highway? Better to remove tailgate? Man, i have a bunch of questions...is there a FAQ for this truck?


Thanks all and I look forward to your responses!



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5.3 vortec maybe?


Dont remove the tailgate you will get worse mpg.  Sounds like a decent price, what do you mean hiccup?  Air filter just need changed or something?





First off: Wow, I'm such a n00b. As a long time enthusiast of another make I'm realizing what a fool i must be. I did mean a 5.3, however I just requested a copy of the build sheet only to find out it is a 4800. lol! Anywho...


The engine hiccup is pretty much just an unsteady idle when the rpm dip about every 5 secs or so. I just checked out the body work and there was no sign of frame damage, but there was a little overspray on the brake lines along the frame under the gas filler area. No damage anywhere, so they must have replaced the fiberglass and repainted.


After driving it, I noticed the steering feels a little loose and the rear end was clunky (drove over a small curb). When I grabbed & tugged out on the rear wheel I felt a little play, not movement but enough to tell something was worn in the rear.


And as I mentioned before, the rear tires are bald. Someone was squawking this thing before trading it in.



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Howdy and welcome to the forum. Boy 2 new Maina's in as many days. Kinda scary. I would get the VIN and see if one of the nice fellas here would do CarFax for ya. With that little mileage and a loose feeling rear end there is something wrong. I have an 02 Sierra with 85K and the rear end is nice and tight. And I tow daily. I also have the 4.8 and my only complaint is that if it had a little more power I'd get better mileage. I'd look her over really well. Bald tires at 19K would be a flag for me. Good Luck.

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