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Allison Transmissions FAQs

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:cheers: I was reading some of the FAQs on the Allison Website today, (Allisontransmissions.com) and I noticed a question about tires. I notice a lot of you guys like to put bigger tires on your trucks, so I thought I would throw this in. The question was, "If I put 285's on my GM truck, will it affect the shifting of my Allsion tranny?" The answer was...."We have noted that a GM truck with 285's on it does not usually ever shift to 5th range when towing a load." Apparently, the tires DO make a difference. I would not have thought that, so I learned something today. That website is a wealth of information. No guesswork, just the right answers! I like that! Go there and read it. Click on the part that says "Info on your GM truck". Have fun!! :D

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