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I just had my dealership put on a set of Bridgestone Dueler AT Revos 285/75/16. They also adjusted the speedometer for me. In addition I believe they may have cranked the torsion bars a little as the truck seem to be sitting very level.


Now my truck starts vibrating at certain speeds (usually aroung 50-60). Which is the most likely culprit:


1. The new tires, out of round or not balanced properly.

2. Cranking the torsion bars( I know that if they did crank them, they did not do an alignment).

3. Adjusting the computer to read correctly.


Truck is a 2003 2500HD ECSB 6.0 4x4.


P.S. The truck looks great with the new tire setup. If I can figure out how to post pics I will. I noticed a lot of you run 265 Revos, anyone else out there running 285 Revos?



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Had this before on previous truck. One tire was out of round, and the alignment was off. Take your pic. I would take it back to the dealer and make them fix it before it ruins your new tires.

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