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Brake Controller Install

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I have a Teconsha Voyager brake controller that I have to intall in a 1997 GMC Sierra. I have studied all I can and I can't seem to find exactly where to connect the wires. there are four wires

BLUE - (brake power)Goes to blue on the 7pin plug


WHITE - (negative wire) ??


BLACK - (positive wire) ??


RED - (brake light wire) ??


I understand that the black and white can be connected to the fuse box that is under the hood but where?


according to the standard equipment of my truck there is a 7 wire trailering harness already in my truck. Where do I connect the blue wire for this harness?


And I am totally lost on where to red wire goes?


can someone help?


1997 GMC Sierra 3500 Crew Cab Long Bed 4X4,

290hp Vortec 7400 w/ 4.10 rear end.


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Does your truck already have the 7-prong plug on the rear of the truck from the factory?


I'm not sure about the older style trucks with the factory towing package, but on my '01 there was a harness in the glove box, that plugs into the fuse box behind the e-brake peddle.  This harness had 5 wires in it.  The light brown wire is not used.


Ford trucks have a mudular plug under the dash that you would plug this supplied harness into, and then splice into it's pigtail.


JP has an older body style 3/4 ton...  he may be able to help you more.

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I installed a Tekonsha Prodigy in my '02.  The truck came with a wire harness that has a plug on one end and bare wires on the other.  I connected (soldered) the bare wire ends on the harness to the wires on my controller as follows:


Controller black to harness red (+12 volts)

Controller red to harness light blue (stoplight)

Controller white to harness black (ground)

Controller blue to harness dark blue (trailer brakes)

Harness brown wire is not used.


Then the plug fits in the fuse box under the dash by the left kickpanel.  It couldn't have been easier.



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Here goes. The black wire should hook to battery +12 volts. If you have a Voyager controller, you should use at least 14 gauge wire with a 20 amp automatically resetting circuit breaker. If you have a Voyager XP controller, use at least 12 gauge wire with a 30 amp automatically resetting circuit breaker. The blue wire goes to the appropriate pin in your trailer connector at the back of the truck. I'm not sure if there is already a wire running from the front of the truck back to the connector or not. If not you will need to run one using the above recommendations for wire gauge for this wire also. The white wire is a ground which you can ground wherever convienient. The red wire goes to your brake light switch. You will have wires coming in to two sides of the switch. One side will always be hot (power in). The other side will only be hot when the brake pedal is depressed. This is the side you need to splice the red wire into. Use a test light to determine which side of the switch is which. I hope this helps. :D

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I have the Prodigy in my 97.  Pop your hood and on the drivers side is the under hood fuse box.  You do not have to take the cover off of it.  On the back side of it (towards firewall) is two studs that you can connect wires to.


  I can take pictures of mine if needed,,,,, just email me direct.


 RedDog at [email protected]

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