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  1. HID LED'S

    I had an F150 with LED's and thought they were awesome. The lights in my AT4 are just as good I believe. Some guys have talked about getting brighted due to the extra height of the truck but I have not encountered that yet.
  2. Aside from the cold weather electrical gremlins, my AT4 has been great for the 3500 miles I've driven it. No regrets at all to this point.
  3. Mine does this about once a week. As previously mentioned, the manual says the truck will activate the parking brake to test the system. Im assuming thats whats going on. Kind of weird in my opinion.
  4. I came from a PLatinum F150 and my AT4 is just as nice in all areas. Drives and rides great and has everything I need. I only missed a few things from the Ford and thats the front camera, keypad on the door and retractable step bars. I fixed that problem though and put some AMP steps on a few weeks ago. The only real complaint so far is the electrical issue that pops up when it gets cold. Ill mention that to the dealer when it goes in for the first oil change. It wont be cold any more but at least they will know about it.
  5. Ceramic coating

    I was quoted $895 for mine. Still on the fence but leaning towards doing it.
  6. AT4 Wheel Selection

    Road noise isn't too bad. I dont notice it at highway speeds but its there in town around 30-35. Not unbearable though. I've gotten used to it
  7. AT4 Wheel Selection

    When I bought my AT4, there were several of both on the lot. The 18s looked better to me so that's what I went with. Not that the 20s were bad. Just not as aggressive on a truck designed like the AT4.
  8. GM Accessories: Keyless Entry Keypad

    One of the few things I miss from my F150. Very handy at times
  9. QC in general?

    I came out of an F150 for my 2019 AT4. Trust me, the issues dont stop with the unveiling of a new model. Every model year has issues. Ford had been working on door locks that would freeze and either not latch correctly or open for the past few years. Just to name one. I think quality in general, over all makes, has gone backwards but thats just my opinion. Still happy with my new truck though.
  10. Messaging App

    My app is gone as well. Not that big of a deal though. Im not too concerned about messages while Im driving anyway.
  11. Mine only came with the all weather mats
  12. I just ran into this tonight. Crazy that turning my dash lights all the way down turns these lights all the way off. It was bugging the crap out of me
  13. My AT4 has just over 300 miles on it and just started having issues with the front parking sensors yesterday. Today though, I got the trailer and rear cross traffic alert a few times while on the highway. I guess Ill call the dealer tomorrow and see if they know anything. For what its worth, I came from a Ford and never had any issues with my rear connection. The only time the parking sensors went off is if they were covered in snow or ice.
  14. I just bought an AT4 and looked at the Elevation as well. I could only find an Elevation in a double cab and I need a crew. That was the only issue I had with it so I went with the AT4.
  15. I just did the update a while ago myself. Pushed "accept", shut the truck off and went inside. Checked later and everything was fine. I was hesitant at first but it turned out fine.

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