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  1. I'm liking the bumper. I hope they make something similar for the Sierra.
  2. I've had mine on since about a week after I got my truck. Love them and will put them on any truck I buy. No issues whatsoever.
  3. Same on mine. I checked after they were installed to make sure they weren't hitting anything and they were just barely touching at the rear of the cab on the mount. Shaved maybe 1/16 of an inch off and the noise is still there. I've gotten used to it over the last year though. When I hear it walking away after parking it, I know the steps are up where they belong. Same when I get in to drive away.
  4. I have driven Dodge, Ford, Chevy and GMC trucks my entire adult life. In my opinion, they all suffer from quality control issues and they get worse with every new vehicle I buy. I hate to say it but they dont make things like they used to. Having said that, I have been pretty happy with my 19. It has just shy of 40,000 miles on it and it has yet to be in the shop for anything other than recalls and oil changes.
  5. My AT4 has the same issue. Not all the time but intermittently. I've looked around under the rear end but can't seem to find anything obvious. I've seen other posts about the same issue on here but no solution that I know of.
  6. The tech may only be able to go for a 6 mile drive but that doesnt mean that he or she cant ride with you for a longer ride.
  7. Same issue for me. Slight intermittent whistle that started after about 8 months of ownership. No way to duplicate it and I cant predict it either. Frustrating because I know taking it in for just this issue would probably be pointless unless I get lucky and the noise happens to start when I pull it in the shop.
  8. I've had mine on for a year now and they have been loud from day one. I checked to make sure they weren't hitting anything or binding up somehow after they were installed. I found that they were hitting a bracket for a body mount at the rear of the cab just as they came to a stop. I ground a bit off the corner and painted it over to prevent rust and they clear it now. However, they're still loud. I guess its just the mechanism and I have grown used to it.
  9. Same thing happened to me (minus the stroller). I hit my button by mistake in my parking garage at work. Its a tight garage so I back into a spot so its easier to get out. I somehow managed to hit the button and the concrete wall stopped the tailgate. Not much damage, just some scrapes that I covered with touch paint. I may have it repaired at some point. I did not get the warning message or any audible alerts either.
  10. Find another dealer. That sounds ridiculous to me.
  11. I put Amp's on my AT4 and love them. They're the perfect fit for the truck.
  12. Id take some of the pieces and use them on my AT4 but $95,000 for a truck with a lift and some trim pieces? No thank you. There's a reason Tuscany trucks sit on lots for a while before someone buys them.
  13. I recently switched from Android to Iphone due to everyone in my family having one. Because of this issue, I switched back to Android. The only time I had this issue was with the Iphone. Android works fine.
  14. I just got an iPhone 11 yesterday and noticed my volume turned down as well. I turned the "change volume with buttons" selector off but haven't checked to see if it worked yet. I came from a Samsung and never had any issues with connectivity in the truck.
  15. I have just shy of 20,000 miles on my Duratracs. No issues so far aside from the noise. Not too loud but they hum pretty good at low speeds in town. I spend a lot of time on the highway and they're not bad. They are great on wet pavement as well as snow.
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