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  1. I have just shy of 20,000 miles on my Duratracs. No issues so far aside from the noise. Not too loud but they hum pretty good at low speeds in town. I spend a lot of time on the highway and they're not bad. They are great on wet pavement as well as snow.
  2. I dont regret it but it is a pain to keep clean. My last few trucks have been black and theyre all the same.
  3. I've noticed mine vibrating as well. Not that bad though. My last truck vibrated so much I thought it was going to fall out.
  4. Dealer stickers come off any vehicle I buy as soon as I get home with it. They usually peel right off. Just clean up afterward to get any sticky stuff off.
  5. I put my AMP's on after the worst of a central IL winter so I cant speak about how well they'll hold up. However, I had factory steps on my previous truck that were fine after a few winters. No issues whatsoever. I don't expect any issues with these. The key is to keep them clean and lubricated and they should be fine. Time will tell though.
  6. I've never had the factory power GM steps but I have the AMPs on my truck and love them. The factory bars that came on it were almost useless due to the fact that they were way too close to the body. The AMPs are actually functional.
  7. I've only towed a couple of times with mine but I did notice this. Not too annoying but I couldn't figure out why it was on. Seems these trucks have quite a few electrical gremlins that need to be worked out.
  8. I absolutely love my AT4. I drive close to 100 miles a day and have no complaints about the seats. As far as the rear end hop over certain bumps, every truck I have owned has had this issue. While it seems to be a bit worse with this truck, I have never felt unsafe because of it.
  9. Well, I got to use the spare tire and jack on my AT4 today. Ran over something that punctured my right rear tire. Made it to a local farm supply store in hopes they could get me in to repair it but they were unable to. Had to change the flat in the parking lot. Wasn't sure the jack was going to be tall enough at first but it did the job fine. I've been driving for close to 40 years and have never had to use a spare on my own vehicle. Oh well. First time for everything I guess.
  10. My emblems are solid as well and the trim place at the front of the hood has no way of moving on my AT4. I would love to read the article talking about that.
  11. I thought the factory steps on my AT4 were almost useless so they came off pretty quick and I had the AMP's put on. Love them and cant imagine owning anything without them. They are pricey but worth it in my opinion.
  12. Just my opinion here, but unless you're planning on doing any serious off roading, the Raptor is out. Way too much money for that capability to be used for day to day truck stuff. I went with the AT4 because it's a good mix of day to day driver and weekend toy. I've never driven a Tundra so I have no opinion on them but they are good looking. I have friends with them and they are dependable.
  13. I noticed shortly after I got my truck that the pad was cold to the touch. HVAC directly behind it explains that I guess. As far as charging speed goes, mine charges slowly. Still pretty convenient though.
  14. A couple of days ago, i changed the radio channel using the steering wheel control. At the time, I was listening to satellite. The channel wouldn't change and I got a message in the DIC that said my subscription had expired. It hasn't and if I pressed the button on the radio, the channel changed as normal. The next time I started the truck, it was fine and has been since. I'm hoping it was just a one time glitch but not too optimistic about it.
  15. I had an F150 with LED's and thought they were awesome. The lights in my AT4 are just as good I believe. Some guys have talked about getting brighted due to the extra height of the truck but I have not encountered that yet.
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