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  1. To the original poster I'd really push for a new truck. Call all the way up the ladder, remind them it won't be the same truck, diminished value will be present, be sensible with them know you can escalate to the next level, take notes, take notes, take notes and keep working up the chain of command. This is ridiculous and anyone you speak with who works for the dealer or GM that says they'd accept the repair is lying and probably don't drives a Chevy. That's more true than people think. Push push push till they give. Wear them down. LEt them know you'll trade it for a Dodge and never buy another GM again and if they call your bluff and you can afford it I'd Do it to show them not to screw with you.
  2. Any dealer in their right mind with a truck under warranty will give you a free loaner within the mfrs warranty. IF not you need a new dealer. IF there's this many trucks with these issue's as someone stated going years back then GM better make it right and fast as the right lawyers catch wind and there will be a class action lawsuit. GM claims times are good, cuts are being made to make their bottom line good as well moving from the car segment then they better step up. Whoever designed the EVAP Coil where the cab has to be stripped should be fired if they haven't already. That new refrigerant is no joke either. Don't ever get it fixed out of warranty as the new 1234 refrigerant is $$$$$ Expensive with the labor as well because everything that has to be done. This is probably a result of the R2R rules that went into effect for right to repair and now they need to make repair money. I don't do the AC but there's plenty of other repair work on all these vehicles that are newer these days and some consumers are realizing they've been getting bent over for years by dealer only work. I can flash just as well with my drew tech and my Bosch ADS625 which includes a j-2534 cord combo for programming ECM. Even had to buy a $550 battery charger/maintainer by Schumacher. 100amps peak for 3 min with 70 amp continuous while programming with steady ripple free voltage. I'll see if I can find any tsb 'sand slap it up tomorrow night (late sat).
  3. I shared the link over there so look for your year, make and model with the information as well. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  4. Lights going dim is a possible indication of a possible short. You mentioned you bought this truck recently? If so have or did you check car fax for any reported accident history? A accident and dimming lights and other issues almost says electrical possibly rubbing. Id look for tell tell signs of accident history such as a lot of newer parts, new paint or slight paint discoloring or paint lines in body crevices, door jambs, etc. i would also also copy your original post and joined www.scannerdanner.com and post in the repair questions section over there as this sounds like something one of them may be able to guide you thru. You may have to get a test light and learn a little bit but that’s what we’re al doing in life it seems. Really top notch guys there who breathe this type of stuff involving the electronics. Its def electrical related, possibly body control module related. May not throw codes unless it’s acting up if it even does. Keep in mind the windows go thru the body control module. Being the evap coil was done recently makes me wonder if wiring got crunched when reassembling. Check al fuses but I’m sure they did that. Anymore there’s multiple fuse box locations. Does the window work fine when the ac is off or not acting up?
  5. 2019 AT4 Grill removal

    IF you have adaptive or any advanced stuff that's in the grill area tied in and you remove the grill you'll have to have those systems recalibrated. Search for "ADAS" under google and then search for your vehicle with that stuff in a search and check your specs. Don't want to have to pay couple hundred because you unknowingly removed something and it requires a recalibration. This doesn't apply to all model vehicles but these systems are becoming more and more common these days.
  6. They're tax deductible if you exceed the standard deduction which was raised this year. What really pissed me off and no I don't drive anymore was they eliminated per diem from Truck Drivers who drive over the road along with unreimbursed employee expenses for things a employer may require that they don't supply. They basically just pulled a numbers game on everyone. Also if you have enough money you'll hit that standard deduction especially someone who can write a check or take the rebates and still get the 0% financing. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  7. Advertising at the consumers expense just as companies have been selling data about us for years and they'll continue to do it until they're stopped. These apps whether on phone or car infotainment center collect data, patterns, habits that in the small fine print you give them the right to sell for FINANCIAL GAIN and we not a damn thing because we as consumers haven't made our voices heard loud enough. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  8. AC Delco Quality Sucks!

    Just like with brake shoe lining. There's one company in China that makes it for all the U.S. companies and the U.S. parts market buyers take and sell it to all the different companies who make brake shoes. Heck we could get our own line of brake shoes if we wanted. Just need the capital and you can put your name on anything. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. AC Delco Quality Sucks!

    That's why I buy local as I get the part warrantied and don't have to wait on shipping from a online retailer. Have you replaced the fan clutch by chance? Just a thought in case it's sticking? Are you using OEM recommended coolant fluid as this makes a difference as well or at least that's what they say. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  10. Knock Sensor

    Yeah purchasing it yourself and having someone else install your supplied parts probably just shot any warranty chances with a shop as most shops won't warranty carry in parts. I hope it was diagnosed correctly to begin with. Anyone can throw parts at a vehicle aka "the parts cannon" , "parts changers" (half ass mechanics). Always better to diagnose properly or you'll have more of these issues. You can pickup used Picoscopes for a small chunk of change but there's also cheaper options for oscilloscopes if you know how to find out how to Do the test. IF you can snake a small camera under the upper intake Plenum I'd make sure they actually installed the parts as there's people that love to say they did things and come to find out they just collected your money because they have no warranty obligation to you because you brought your own parts. Next time do a good search online and you'll see that you could easily do that job and diagnose it as well. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  11. Throttle lag?

    Throttle body clean? Plugs been changed! Air filter? Spark plug wires? Fuel injection cleaning? Air conditioning on or off during this time? Many variables can affect this. I have a 04 4.8 with 128k miles on it and mine runs fine except for the knock sensor and a couple trans cooler line oil leaks. IF you got it and don't know the history and plan on using it as a daily I'd have the transmission oil changed, transfer case oil change, rear axle diff oil change, oil change on vehicle. Part of the downside of buying used is you don't know the history but checking big things like front wheel bearings, brakes, rotors and a vehicle inspection can save you some money, get you a discounted price or steer you clear of someone else's problem. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk

    Are you getting security system and keyless entry codes? IF so what are those codes otherwise what are the codes you say you're deleting as the codes mean something.
  13. I correct myself on the $25 per billed hour. After more thought 25% of the ticket gross should be more suitable as the employee would feel more valued and be looking for that extra work that if a good service writer does his job well should be able to sell the extra work to the customer especially if it's a safety sensitive problem and it's a win win for the employer and employee as well. . When I worked on trucks back in the mid 90's at Freightliner we got our pay per hour but we also go our hourly pay and a percentage of the extra work because we were looking beyond the actual work it came in for and finding other extra work. IF anyone knows anything about spring pin suspensions, kingpins and other suspension components on semi trucks they're neglected and I'd make on average an extra $600 plus the overtime each month which was nice checks as a single guy. Yeah I'd work long days and I had 2 additional part time jobs in addition to my full time job there as a mechanic. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  14. 2008 Silverado Electrical

    Throwing parts t it won’t help, aka the “ parts cannon “. I’d be checking the wires to the different control modules. If no luck after go post over on scannerdanner.com in the repair questions. Make sure to provide all the information in the rules for posting so you’ll get the best help possible. Top notch guys over there.
  15. The Union Entrance huh? Lol..... Probably getting fewer and fewer union entrances anymore with the bad rap that some unions have given the industry. I normally associate unions with legalized monster crime syndicates that get by for so long until they step out of check then they get smacked down. It would be interesting to see union stats from the mid 90's to current day. Detroit is a great example of what can happen to cocky unions. I also have a distaste for executives that get multimillion dollar bonuses as they've not done that without the employees that help make it happen which aren't even getting thousands let alone probably a thousand dollar a year in raises. I guess corporate America must feel that if someone makes some money that they may want some extra days off, sick time, etc. They abuse the system there's always the next guy looking for a decent job. Should be no reason even in places like automotive repair facilities that are making $100+ per hr that the employees turning the wrench on the floor who has to buy his own tools, Do extra training, get certifications sometimes at their own expense as well shouldn't be making at least $25 per billed hr + benefits as well.

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