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  1. Anyone know if this is more prone on certain years? I have an 18 LT DC - I don't think it's leaking but I haven't looked. Moved from TX to TN so there is much more rain. My wife has a 2016 Malibu and it had the same problem but GM issued a recall on it and extended the warranty milage to 72k for this repair. Had the Malibu's 3rd brake light and headliner replaced at the dealer at no cost. TBH I hadn't noticed until 1 the letter came in the mail and 2 I noticed a bag I keep in the spare tire wheel well was wet (the bag is cloth and contains clothing for emergencies) which I found shortly before receiving the letter but dismissed it to a hard rain and we grabbed something out of the trunk.
  2. Just to add my 2c in case another person comes looking for the answer - I can say OEM is better from manufacturing aspect; I have seen the plants, and know the procedures - published and not. To be honest, after seeing so much from mechanics, engineering, and manufacturing aspects I am surprised vehicles last as long as they do.
  3. I can agree - but a point could be made with the old adage power corrupts... and as the cyclical nature of history has shown it's not the first time nor will it be the last. Also the adage of don't bite the hand that feeds seems appropriate then again greed does set in as well as necessity - if many are using and abusing the union or system, you'd be losing money/purchasing power if you didn't. Terrible really.
  4. I tend to agree with this logic. I live down the road from the largest GM facility in North America which is in Spring Hill, TN (near Nashville). I've run into many of these guys and had lengthy conversations; please no one make the generic statement that I am going purely on anecdotal evidence or anything - it's just using common sense and my interactions with a "focus group" if you will. Also I have seen/met other facilities including GM Arlington, Toyota San Antonio, GM Fort Wayne. I tend to take complaints with a grain of salt because it's true, jealously does play a role; and the major fact is yes, choices make all the difference. So many forget/ignore the difficulties and sacrifices that it does take to 'get to the top/higher up' and like so many other industries, it's very easy to complain/claim that you're so undervalued or paid and also that he got a hand out. This is true too - there is a buddy/buddy system but it exists everywhere, ie bet you wouldn't complain if your friend who was a cop didn't write you a ticket because you were friends.
  5. Checked mine - 18 LT DC and it's not recalled. I saw someone mention the revised version and I'll have a look; I'd guess mine is revised. Only 17k miles but no problems since new May 2018.
  6. Mine looks just like that. 2018 LT DC from Fort Wayne. According to the build sheet it was made December 21, 2017 Edit: double post, delete above post. Computer doing dumb things or user error.
  7. Mine looks just like at. 2018 LT DC from Fort Wayne. According to the build sheet it was made December 21, 2017
  8. I'm curious on this too. My truck is still very new with 5800 miles, but when the time comes I'd like to know if the covers are decent as well. I wouldn't be opposed to reupholstering them, but easy is easy. Sub'd
  9. Are we talking about getting some propane as well?
  10. Thanks for the welcomes guys. I was learning about some power mirrors as well. I’m currently in San Antonio. I am originally from Arlington and lived in Rendon for quite some time. Are you still in AZ as your tags says or did you head back.
  11. I have no complaints. Far better winters than Minnesota to be certain. San Antonio and Austin are both beautiful and on a smaller side. DFW is massive as is Houston but you’ll have to deal with th humidity and periodic hurricanes.
  12. Good evening all, My name is Richard and back in May 2018 I purchased a new 2018 Silverado LT; it's the deep ocean blue color 5.3. I figured since this is such a new vehicle to me I'd join so I can keep up on whatever may happen or other interesting things with this generation of truck. At any rate, I finished fishing a 4 awg wire which took me about 10 minutes which was nice; I had read on here how some people suggested and in the end I just used a clothes hanger. With the great information on this site it's a no brainer to join. Thanks for all the info and I'm looking forward to learning more as time goes on, Cheers!
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