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  1. Looks like my 18 built 4/18 has the newer style Edit: now looking at it looks like the older one. Maybe there's a difference between factory and aftermarket replacement?
  2. Is the new pump different than the one being replaced? Edit: guess so looking at pics above. Now time to crawl under and see. To make light of this: thought the saying goes if it ain't brake, don't fix it! To those having problems, hope you get it handled and don't let GM give you the run around.
  3. So, if someone had a range or similar afm delete then they shouldn't experience any negative feedback from their brakes?
  4. So, I have a 18 Silverado 1500 nht 4x4 6.2. Vin # isn't part of the 3m+? Built 4/18 I don't understand. Is there something special about my truck that it isn't affected or just gm not yet updated all vin #s to pop up? Brake still work fine...when I need them. Lol Only 6k on clock
  5. Stock height or lifted? Maybe get some wheel spacers either way to prevent the rubbin. What part is it rubbing on, UCA or liner?
  6. 3/4 rear variance could just be uneven surface? I'm check my measurements tomorrow when I get back in town. Could 1 leaf spring already be weakening or got a bad rear shock? I'll also measure front coils and post as well. Doubt they could have been over compressed. I do know someone (Mexican homie) that intentionally took a torch and heated his s10 blazer coils back in the day cause low riders in SoCal was the thing to do. Needless to say I was told it rode like shit. How's the rebound jumping on each side of rear bumper?
  7. I don't even brake for speed bumps anymore... My 6112's just laughs at them
  8. It doesn't look like it's 2 3/4" in the pic. Try measuring from the fender to the bottom of the rim. My 18 6.2 nht 4x4 has 6112 at max, 5100 rear and 1" shackle lift and is only 1" higher rear. What was the rake before putting the shocks? Is it 2wd? Looks good though Could always remove the block if you don't like it.
  9. Bilstein took 3 weeks to send my replacement set(first was broken right out of box) to 4wheelparts. I even called them directly after week 2 came around and was told there shouldn't be any reason for delay as they had 30 units in stock. You would think a company that has been in business for over 100 years would be on top of their game a little better. Least I was able to speak with a live person.
  10. Just did it a few days ago and haven't drivin it much. One thing that is annoying me is it pulls to the left for some reason. Gonna bring it back and have everything checked/tightened/realigned.
  11. What's funny is if you load it up or tow it will sit level or cali lean at factory rake heights. So, if you level it and aren't hauling anything it's the same. Maybe very good case for bags I guess?
  12. Little better perspective. Recommend 1" rear lift if going for max height 6112. Believe shackle is preferred over block? If not lifting rear next highest setting would probably be best. As stated earlier to each their own. I like a slight rake myself...
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