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  1. If it's normal why did it never occur on any other vehicles I've driven in the past 30 years? May be normal for this trans, but doesn't mean it should happen if something wasn't going on with it. I suppose it's fine if they're no metal particles present during first rebuild. Really strange though.
  2. I always back out of driveway first and it does the pause on first shift when cold.
  3. I think this may be causing the pause effect. Just doesn't make sense for the trans not to properly grab a gear the way it's acting.
  4. I also get the pause when cold effect. I live in Vegas where it's usually not even that cold in the mornings. Did it a few times last year and already a few times this year. Just had the flush done. Gonna give it a few days to see if it goes away. If still present I'll bring it in and ask about updates, etc... I believe my random shutter is cured though. Least I didn't notice it on my last 150 mile round trip I took. 2018 silverado 1500 6.2 4x4 nht 6,800 miles
  5. They're out. People happy with them. Maybe worth it if you like to spend time in dirt.
  6. Sooo, you trade it in or get it fixed? Must be a reason behind some of your issues. Kinda important to do preventative maintenance on trucks to keep them right.
  7. Lucked out with extended warranty. I think head gasket would have been around 2000. Definitely get a range afm delete.
  8. K & N open box not optimal setup. Something having to do with hot engine air being sucked in. Stock box better with modular intake tube. Air filter choice debatable. Some say paper is best. I use the "high flow" none oil washable type. Which some say can let dirt particles pass through more easily. Pick your poison I suppose. Believe what you like. Don't take my advice. I have no scientific evidence to support anything I say. Mostly just use my own common sense with most things. Growl is good. I would worry if it didn't make noise.
  9. If I ever(fingers crossed) get a ce light for engine misfire then that bitch is getting towed (assuming still under warranty or extended? )directly to the nearest dealer. Oil on plug sounds to me (and I'm by no means qualified to even answer) like a gasket or o ring. Exhaust smoking? I did own a 93 isuzu rodeo that had some weird issue with defective plug boot wires and some oil was in the plug area when I tuned it. Never got a ce or misfire from it though. That was a real long time ago. With these engines and all the computer shit it could really be anything causing it. My suggestion would be get a good (if you already don't have one) extended warranty on it and read it to see if have to wait certain time to bring it in.
  10. Think you all got trolled Maybe double or triple agent sent here by Ford? Just not doing very good job as they must have experienced a "death wobble" or had the ecoboost go ecoboom on them...
  11. I'm little confused. Shocks don't rub If you're asking if that size tire will rub anything on the truck lifted at full height with stock wheels I would venture to say yes they might rub your stock control arms and felt wells at full cock?? You could possibly get some 1" or so wheel spacers to help them rub less or not at all. Probably not very much help. Stock wheels are some unknowns with exactly how much backspacing they have as I can only answer my personal experience with my stock wheels. We have no knowledge as none was given regarding your vehicle year make model pics of wheels, etc... Good luck with your build
  12. Asked about tire size for clearance purposes. Asked about backspacing for aftermarket UCA clearance purposes as well. Make sure do your homework before buying aftermarket uca w/o knowing if they'll clear the stock wheels. Either way I would lose the strut spacer Good luck
  13. For sure if you think the tires might rub you probably need the spacer. What size are the tires and do you know the backspacing of the wheels? I'm assuming you have 4wd?
  14. Of course there are other companies that make them. I don't know very much about ball joint uca as I only looked into uniball ones when doing mine. Try calling up an aftermarket store and asking them what people are using.
  15. Yeah, upgrading uca would give you better ball joint than factory. Think they also make ball joint upgrades for stock uca that allow more movement.
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