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  1. I have the same engine (2020 Suburban), i run 91 as 93 cant be found. The engine rumbles just a tiny bit.... works ok. The higher the octane the better it is generally.
  2. Hi (2020 Suburban Premier) I assume when i unlock the doors and get in then start the truck the seats should move back to the memory of the same key number? mine do nothing, i have to hold the memory button to get the seats back in position (they exit ok though). So this raises a question, how do i know which key fob number i am using, the manual goes on about doing a remote start and says the number on the dash, mine doesnt, just shows the millage. While here, the mirrors do not fold in when locking either, i have to hold the lock button to have them fold in, should i need to do that? Any ideas? Many Thanks
  3. I think i found the answer: https://www.chevrolet.com/how-to/infotainment GM says "Chevrolet Infotainment 3 System in the following 2019 vehicles: Spark, Sonic, Cruze, Malibu, Camaro, Trax, Equinox, Blazer, Colorado and Silverado 1500." So its not in the Traverse, Tahoe or the Suburban... typical, i get a new truck without the new screen system !
  4. This has baffled me, i just purchased a 2020 Suburban in Canada, my display looks nothing like the ones here. Yours look like infotainment 3, mine doesn't... anyone have any ideas about this?
  5. Hi, was at the motor show (Toronto) over the weekend, i didnt get many pictures, but have a few shots of the dash buttons in the 2021 Suburban, trim level unknown ! I notice in the engine bay, there appears to be no location for a second battery, the main is on the passengers side at the back, nothing can be fitted in the front area ! https://imgur.com/HMfNnxo https://imgur.com/UE5xKWi https://imgur.com/rHqM1KV
  6. We looked at the electric cars in detail, ive bullet pointed our findings. - Batteries, Tesla has one of the best battery systems, with even cooling over the whole battery cells (they look like small D cells with cooling between every row - Charging, how well can you get the current back in the car - Location, in Canada we do well with this, as most energy is provided by a renewable source (water / wind) so it works well getting an electric car We learned if you need to tow, you need fire (engine), however the next generation of battery cars looks like they may do well (like the VW new generation, which wasnt at the Toronto motorshow for some reason).
  7. Was at the Toronto car show over the weekend, it wasnt there (i assumed it might be), didnt find anything new really...
  8. I believe the speed limit was from the navigation, do you have navigation?
  9. Whats the best driving style? from the selector its only AWD that has the "HI/LOW", so do i leave it in Auto or select 2WD unless i need 2WD? How will it decide to use 4WD and at what level (HI/LOW)? Canada i would need 2WD in the snow, the rest of the year i assume 2WD, unless heavy rain makes a difference with the power the engine can push out.
  10. Thanks, clearly this truck did not have the tow package, considering that is likely a feature we will use, i did wonder about that.
  11. Thats interesting, as this didnt have that little slider do-dad on the dashboard either for trailer braking.... ive seen other trucks with that and the 4HI / 4LOW (which is a 4 with an up arrow and down arrow) on it, i assume thats what you mean by 2 speed transfer case? Can i assume this 2 speed case was fitted with the tow package (trailer braking)? Tow Package part
  12. It was BMW who told me the X5 is now built in USA. The only major failings of the X5 were the rear leveling suspension which totally fail at about 7-8 years old (just out of warranty) and are due to a design issue, once replaced they are fine, however are real expensive to do (about $4k), the electric safety brake also plays up and appears to be the actuator in the trucnk area, however thats common on other BMW models as well.
  13. The BMW x5 is a very nice drive, although build quality has dropped since its made in USA (no longer Germany for USA and Canada trucks). The Lincoln Navigator is a real nice truck, thats like a BMW 7 series inside, super quiet as well, they really set the bar high with the design.
  14. To be honest after i looked at all of them (Escalade, GMC and Chevrolet) it boils down to external design and some internal features. I dont like a lot of chrome, the Escalade tones of it, the Escalade has that real odd touch screen stuff going on, however the basics appear all the same. Escalade and Suburban Premier both have multi zone climate control, both have heated and cooled seats, however the Suburban has way less chrome and i prefer the inside design of black leather and some wood and thats it... so prefer the Suburban. The Escalade lights might be a little better (LED etc....) however you can retrofit the suburban with after market rear lights so really depends on pocket money level and what design you like.
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