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  1. there is a Youtube channel called the Goonzquad that just picked up a 2019 Denali HD to rebuild and use as their project hauler. let's see what it takes to fix a top of the line Denali HD; and what type of mods they will install. Rebuilding a 2019 GMC Duramax
  2. a good idea to eliminate that kind of failure would be to have an electric oil pump that only kicks on when the start/stop system is activated; that way oil keeps circulating in the turbo system.
  3. and even then, with used car demand and people wanting a king's ransom for a clapped out pile of crap with WELL over 200K on it, its actually pushing some buyers out of the car market ENTIRELY.
  4. Ladies and Gentleman: this is one of the main reasons why cars and trucks are getting insanely expensive nowadays: the IIHS wanting manufacturers to essentially build vehicles like tanks and loading them up with expensive "Safety " items like blind spot monitoring, parking assist, Automatic Emergency Braking, and a million airbags that Insta-Total the vehicle when deployed!
  5. no, your thinking of the Buick Envision, the Spark is made in Bupyeong, South Korea in the same plant that made my Aveo.
  6. and for those who think the physical Tech2 is still too expensive, there is a company called VXDIAG that makes a laptop based tool that uses the Tech2Win software that has all of the exact same functionality as a physical Tech2. they make both a wired and wireless version that is less than $150 on Amazon (i bought one because my Aveo's TPMS sensors were starting to fail due to age, and none of my other scan tools had that functionality.)
  7. I actually watch a comedy car review channel on YouTube Called Regular Car Reviews, and for this week’s episode, they got their hands onto a ‘16 Silverado HD to review; for those who don’t know, Regular Car Reviews is a channel based out of Kutztown, Pennsylvania that is 1/3 cars, 1/3 Literary Theory, and 1/3 toilet humor. If you want to watch the review, I’ll post it here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I would pay GOOD MONEY if that silverado were a real "Expert" set like the VW cars (the Beetle, and the T1 Camper van that I actually have), and the British cars (the Mini, the Lego Ideas Caterham 720R that I have, and the London bus that I also have)
  9. the only thing that I didn't like about the Chevy one is that they did the classic "Show Every Generation EXCEPT the GMT900s" are the GMT900s just not good enough to show in Chevrolet's history?!
  10. there is actually a perfectly good reason why: PROFIT. they make the work trucks as ugly as possible to try to push you the high dollar trim levels (preferably the High Country/King Ranch/Denali for maximum profit) to have better looking sheetmetal.
  11. At this point in time, we aren’t even a Constitutional Republic, we are a Plutocratic Oligarchy! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qn977W9HjWM that is my reaction to the Silverado HD, the High country looks much better though.
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen, our prayers have FINALLY been answered! It might be a riced up drift truck, but it is a start! It would not take Turn 10 very much modification to turn this drift truck into the Silverado we all know and love! Perhaps in an off-road expansion, we can get the shiny new 2019 Trail Boss, the Regular Colorado ZR2, and the hot new ZR2 Bison! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. actually, it was the Diesel tax that jumped up 14.1 cents; the French drive more diesels than gasoline cars. can you imagine having to pay nearly $7 to fill up an HD truck? the US would GRIND TO A HALT in protests!
  15. I’ve heard of a Tesla Supercharger, there is one in my town; but before Tesla can be taken seriously as a mainstream automaker they need to address three things that are very well documented: 1 is their stance on Right to Repair. More and more of their cars are coming off warranty and the owners are finding out that parts and service are obscenely expensive and that if you wrecked one, Tesla will act like that particular VIN doesn’t exist anymore unless you pay a kings ransom to “certify” it. 2 is the amount and location of their “stores”, take Tennessee for example, there is only one store an
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