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new pump module incorrect fuel gauge readings??

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I just replaced the fuel pump module in my 2000 silverado with a new Delphi part and now either my gauge doesn't read correctly or I can not completely fill the tank. When the tank is supposedly full it now reads slightly to the left of full and refilling it when empty I can only get 20-21 gallons in it when I used to get 24 or 25. (26 gallon tank). I'm thinking that must have either missed a step when installing the float or maybe the anti-cephen tube at the filler hose must have not have been put back in right preventing it from filling completely. Anyone ever run into this??


I'm thinking about letting it run completely out of fuel to test the gauge.. Ofcourse, I'll have to carry around a gas can until it does.

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never had the issue. I've done this pump a couple times (including once just because I broke the damn fuel level sensor, be careful with it! lol)


on edit:

did you drop the tank or remove the bed? I always removed the bed, less likely to pinch anything that way and much easier to work on it from that angle.

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Dropped tank (didn't have help). That's why I'm entertaining the idea that a misplaced anti-siphon tube may be the cause..but If I have to do it again I'll slide the bed.


. Correct New ACDELCO pump with pig tail conversion....


If I follow the fuel gauge's recommendation and fill-up when the "low fuel" light comes on, I've lost about 4 gallons of capasity or 80 miles of range per tank. 26 gal tank only takes 20 to 20.5 gal to fill up. Before it would take 24 or so.


Like the Ben Franklin qoute...

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