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Hey guys, I had been doing a little research on 95 GM trucks to try to fix my brothers 1995 chevy c1500 4.3 tbi. We finally fixed it, and hes looking to do some mods like intake and exhaust, nothing crazy. So after doing a little research I read that in 95 some GM's were obd1 and some 95's were obd1.5.


How can I tell if my brothers 1995 c1500 is obd1 or obd1.5?


Are obd1.5 pcm's chippable(obd1)or flashable(obd2) like like the 94's and 96's?



Also, I am interested in possibly buying a 94 or 95 s10, how could I tell if a 95 s10 is obd1 or obd1.5?


Thanks guys!

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