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ABS motor runs all the time

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My ABS motor runs all the time. I pulled the fuse to shut it down. The codes are c0267 and p0265. My mechanic recomends replacing pump & motor. Estimate of $1,300!! My truck is a 01 Sierra w 195k miles.


Does this sound right? Is there a cheaper solution?


Thanks for the help

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If you google it, the failure in teh ABS motor is VERY common. The driver in the motor controller typically fails on, so the motor runs all the time.


There is a place that will fix it (I don't remember the price, $50-100 sounds right though). The biggest issue would be trying to get it unbolted from the frame rail though. 11 years of rust will not be kind.

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The internal power relay, for the abs pump motor, in the ebcm, sticks and causes the motor to run continuously. Most issues were resolved by just replacing the ebcm some, needed a bpmv because the pump motor had poor connections, due to corrosion/age, that caused the damage to the relay.


I'd try the ebcm first and if the dtc resets, THEN replace the bpmv. I'm no parts guy but $1300 sounds kinda steep to me, btw.

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Your better off removing the abs motor and sending it to a repair place like Module Masters or other rebuilders on the web for less than $200 bucks.
Absolutely! Local dealer quoted $1500 parts and labor for my 02 Burb ABS module. The pump still worked fine, it ran continuously because the module had failed. Pulled it myself in a few minutes and had Module Masters repair it, with warrantee for $130. Works as good as new!
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