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1993 5.7 or 1998 5.7 - which do you prefer? which is better?

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Hey everyone, just wondering what the pros and cons are between the 93 5.7 litre and the 98 5.7 litre. Im thinking the the 98 might have more power/torque?? How about reliability?


Thanks very much.

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The vortec motor is a all around better motor then the TBI350 i own both and the vortec of course has more power/tq.They are about the same dependable wise.The 98 has a roller block with a roller cam which is far better then a flat tappet cam like the pre95's have,Also the tbi350 has the lowest flowing heads gm ever putted on a truck.even when they are ported and polished they still cant get in air or get rid of it.Too be honest i dont know what gm was thinking when putting these motors in a truck i think they should have went straight to tuned port injection.BTW the only down fall with the vortecs are the fuel injection they limited to 19psi injectors which are barely enough for a stock 350 BUT their is a guy out there with a LT4 hot cam and some other shit running a 13.9 in the 1/4 with stock 19psi injectors.You could always swap in the vortec marine intake with has the injectors setup like the TPI's,or LT1's.Just has a heads up.

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the 98 is better. My 95 is good, but nothing to a vortec.


I know I was ranting a little in another thread about working on a 97, but in hindsight, it's really not as bad as I though.



Roll with the 98

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