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rear view mirror for a 2011 silverado with compass and temp



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I wanted to reply to this question, however, I hesitate to recommend the company that I used because of the total lack of service after the sale. I will say that they use GM in the front of the name and LLC as a company doing business. This brings me to my question; since I have found an OEM mirror and an OEM camera, where can I now purchase the hook-up harness and temperature probe for the mirror? The company I used has totally been unresponsive. My 2011 2500HD is not onstar and I have never had a backup mirror in my truck.

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I am by no means not one of the esteemed techs in this forum however, the OEM for many of the GM mirrors is aka Gentex. Try searching eBay for Gentex. I have replaced a handful of GM mirrors with ones that added temp and/or compass and mainly auto-dimming.


Oh yes, keep in mind if you add a mirror with temp display, you need to get the external temperature sensor with it as well.

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