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Is my truck an HD?

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I posted a topic last week about having an issue with a upper control arms in my Rough Country lift. I put them on and 2 days later took my truck for an alignment. The techs at the alignment shop wouldn't work on it saying that there was excessive play in the UCAs. I took it to another friend of mine who owns a reputable auto shop and the checked it out. He told me that the problem is that the tapered spindle that goes down into the steering knuckle is too small and it just wallows around in the hole of the knuckle. He said that my truck is an HD which is something I never know. There are no badges on it stating this and all the sales paperwork simply stated it as a 1500 series, not 1500 HD. I asked how he could tell and he said by checking the door tag of the truck. It states that the GVWR is 7000LB. He says that if it were 6000LB it would be a regular 1500. Is this so?





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Your V-Max truck will have a higher rating because of that package. Guess that guy soedn't know what he's talking about, The V-Max is not an HD and there was not a 1500HD that year. You have a regular 1500 my friend, with an awesome engine. The rear end will also be beefier thant the regular 1500.



HD specs for that year and CC model :


  • Maximum towing capacity: 13000 lbs.**
  • Maximum payload: 3458 lbs.**
  • Gross weight: 9200 lbs.
  • Curb weight: 5742 lbs.


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