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Uncoiling cell charger?

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I have a cell charger i want to leave pluged in under my jumpseat to charge my phone but its to short all coiled up, is it possible to un coil it and make it stay that way?


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Probably better to just buy another one with a straight cord.


Also is the outlet a switched with the ignition outlet? I found a cell charger I had pulled a 1/4 amp all the time it was plugged in even if the phone was not attached. That is hard on the battery if plugged into a non-switched 12V outlet.

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You could try straightening it then heating it up with a hair dryer or a Tech Torch with the blower attachment.


I have no idea if either of those would work, but I would say they're your best bet.

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My coiled charger is under my jump seat. I just plugged it in and pulled it as much as possible and left the extra hang out of the little square hole.


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