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2012 Silverado Crew Cab ~ 60/40 Rear Seat

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The other day after putting some gear under the 40% section of the rear seat then putting the seat back down it locked up on me mid way down.

Thought to myself thats not right and got to looking/feeling around and found that only one of the two pivot points behind the 40% section had a pin through it.

I cant really see it but could feel both points have a hole for a pin but only the one side actually has a pin in it.


Can someone with the same truck check to see if this is the case with all 2012 CC with the 60/40 rear seat or is mine missing one ?


I don't have a dealer here in town to stop by and look for myself.


Thanks in advance for any help, Duane

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Ok, I'm lost.


Dose your truck have this pin in the inner or outter 40% hinge/pivot??



Just the outer, near the door

The pivot point is the back side of the silver metal loop ( U ) you see between the top and bottom cushions.

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