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Tuner wanted


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I have an '05 Sierra 2500HD with the 496 Gas motor. Looking for a good tuner that also allows changes for larger tires and can help with MPG. Seeing as though I only get about 9mpg. I like the Hypertech Max Energy one, but let me know if you guys have any thoughts or something for sale that may work for me. Really just looking to correct my speedo as I have 20" rims..Thanks,Chris

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+1 He did both of my 8.1 trucks... you will be pleased with the results!

AT first i would suggest an in-person tune, Then with the autocal you can make any and all adjustments needed,

Also IF & when you wanna make real pwr with your BB, go with a raylar cam and heads and stainless works headers, The combination of those 3 with a good tune = 500 HP

I just did the cam for right now and picked up around 65 hp.. Im ordering the headers on mon.

Raylar is the way to go when it comes to an 8.1!! Ill get you there number

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Not to hijack the OP here but as for tuners:

Are the entry level plug and go tuners worth it or does everyone just make the money commitment for the full blown service tune that Black Bear has?

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The Superchips and Hypertech seemed too generic to me. I bought the AutoCal when I got the 2011 Silverado with the 5.3 and have been pleased. Then I used it to update the 20122 Camaro SS with the 6.2 and auto transmission and I am extremely pleased with both. Just my 2 cents.

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I would say the money for the in-person or auto-cal tune is just worth it. You can spend the money on a plug and play, and probably not be happy, but a real tune by someone that knows how to make the best performance out of the vehicle is the way to go. Justin or any of the tuning guys here can tell you what is best for your particular truck since they all have different quirks engine to engine.


With a real tune you can specify this is what I want and when. As opposed to a plug and play "I gained 20hp" I know when I got my tune from blackbear I actually felt the kick in the pants.


All personal preferance at the end though. I will say along with other guys that have had a blackbear tune that is probably the best thing I did to any of the vehicles I have modded. Except maybe the rhino lining inside the jeep. Thats right there with the tune though.

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