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1996 Yukon engine hesitates/jerks intermittently

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1996 Yukon

Vortec 5700 V8
226K miles

Problem: While driving down the road the engine will all of a sudden start hesitating and jerking. I liken it to when and engine’s timing is off and it idles rough, or like the engine has bad gas is struggling to run. When this happens the tachometer will start bouncing erratically up and down, gauge lights will go on/off to include the Check Engine, ABS Light, etc… In most cases no code is thrown making it very hard to diagnose. Instead I can normally pull over stop the vehicle; wait a few minutes then restart and its fine and back to driving. However sometimes I can be driving 50-70mph and the hesitation/jerking starts but I just barreled through it and it then quits after a few seconds.


I have tried to be cognizant of what factors are taking place while driving when it happens. It seems to be most prevalent when I’m driving over an extended stretch of rough spots in the road (potholes, bad asphalt, etc...), however it also happens when I’m in a sharp curve, or even when I punch the gas and try to accelerate quickly. Fuel level doesn’t seem to matter either as it will happen on both a full tank of gas or almost empty.

My remedies so far include: (1) Replaced plugs/distrb cap, wires – basically was done as

preventive maintence. (2) Replace crank shaft position sensor – P0339 code before (3) Fuel additive/cleaner.


So today it happened again and was more severe that most cases. I pulled over and just let the engine idle and the tach was going crazy. I was fortunate that the check engine light came on and stayed and the code that came up was “P0339 CNF 1/1 Mod 10 Crank Shaft Position Sensor A Circuit Intermittent”.

Since I just replaced the crank shaft pos sensor 4 months ago I’m questioning this. I’m beginning to think it could possibly be an electrical or grounding problem or even the ECU. So I’m seeking any advice from members that might have encountered the same situation.

Thanks in advance,


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