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What size speakers fit in a 2012 extended cab??

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I'm getting mixed opinions online on what speaker sizes will fit into my 2012 Silverado Extended Cabicon1.png Non-Bose...

I'm looking to replace the Front & Rear Speakers, and the tweeters.

Crutchfield says the following:
Front: 6.5" or 6.75"
Rear: 5.25" (with a "modified fitlb_icon1.png"), 6.5"(with a "modified fit"), or 6.75" (with a "modified fit").. and they don't know what a "modified fit" means
Tweeters: You're not going to find anything to fit in the stock locationsicon1.png

Then Metra Online says 6.5"s front & rear with 1" tweeters..

There's another post on this forum where the user uses 6" for the front, 5.25" for the rear. But someone further in the post says he was able to use 6.5"'s....

Has anyone had any experience with this??

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In my 07 I used 6.5" front and rear. It required a cheap plastic speaker adapter for the stock speaker locations but then it fit perfectly. Also while the door is off you should put some extra sound dampening material on the inside of the plastic panels. It makes a world of different for sound quality and road noise. Probably helped the audio quality just as much as the new stereo did.



EDIT - shit just realized you had extended cab and not crew cab. Sorry.

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