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BDS 4'' angle photos


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Just looking for CV/Tie Rod angle photos of the BDS 4'' lift.


I was going to go for the 6 inch lift until I seen some of the angles. Both the 4 and 6 inch lift use the same 4 inch drop sub-frame. So in this case, the 4 inch kit has OEM angles, and the 6 inch kit is putting the same stress on the front end as a leveling kit.


I will be keeping my truck for a very long time, and it is my daily driver. I need reliability and low operating cost. I don't want to be doing tie rods and ball joints every year or 2 because of bad angles. I will never go over 33 inch tires anyways.


I would appreciate it if anyone could provide some photos from under their truck with the BDS 4'' kit.



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I may be wrong but I believe we only have one person on here with bds and that's blackout07's truck. Not a 4" tho...


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I have the 6" with a 1" leveling kit. Angles look like stock with a 2.5" level. Been on for 5 years and running 37s with 20x10s. I haven't replaced a front end part yet.....god I hope I don't jinx myself.


And like you said, angles are flat with the 4" so why e need to see it?

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I just want to confirm, don't believe it until you see it.


Based on what you said maybe I will just bite the bullet on the 6 inch. My two choices are still 6 inch BDS or Rancho 4 inch, which we all know is more like 5.5 inches of lift.

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Those are pretty good angles considering the amount of lift you have.


Here is another question for you. Are driveshaft angles of any concern? Is there any danger of damage if you are off roading and the front suspension drops to it's max, say over a bump or something? As I said, my concern is just because it is my only vehicle, and will be for a long time to come.


The angles on this truck look pretty bad too me. However, these photos were right after installation, so I assume the suspension will settle in the coming months?


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If you arent going any larger than a 33" tire, why not just throw a body lift on it? Just wondering. It would save you over $2k in parts and labor, plus the suspension can remain entirely stock. Again, just wondering.

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I got a BDS 6" lift on mine. Runs pretty smooth. Angles aren't too bad at all.

BDS is an actual true lift kit( more for off-road). Something FTS isn't, but oh well. ( more for show)

Mine is a true 7 you're thinking rough country

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